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Magnolia Bakery
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Bakery Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is America's favorite bakeshop and has set the standard in baked goods and desserts since 1996. Find out more about how we went from a neighborhood gem to sweet success.

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Price 50 usd per kilo
City for the shopping: New York

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2022-11-25 05:57:36 UTC
Thank you so much for the incredibly beautiful corporate cookies! The order was executed at the highest level: they took into account all our wishes, did it promptly and, most importantly, it was oh-oh-oh-very tasty!
2022-11-25 05:58:02 UTC
As a connoisseur of chocolate in chocolate with chocolate filling, I declare - your Chocolate Cake was damn delicious!!! Thank you for the amazing taste, warm service and efficiency. I will definitely try other sweets from your bakery.

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