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Mazzetti's Bakery was established almost 50 years ago. It is an Italian-American family-owned business and a Bay Area institution. Mazzetti's Bakery is located on the coast south of San Francisco. They offer the best baked goods! Visit Mazzetti's for delicious breakfast danish, breads and cakes, as well as cookies, cakes, cupcakes, desserts and pies. Mazzetti's cakes are perfect for any occasion, including a wedding or birthday. Your guests will be amazed at the delicious taste Mazzetti's adds to their delicious treats. Their wedding cakes are so well-received that they made over 700 of them last year. Focaccia Bread and Honey Bran Muffins are customer favorites, as well as their Derby Cake with Fresh Strawberries & Bananas, scratch-made whipped cream and their Cannolis. Mazzetti's is the place to go for your next cake customization and to enjoy their delicious treats.

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