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Gorgeous watercolor style cake

Gorgeous watercolor style cake

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City for the shopping: New York
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50 usd per kilo
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About the product — Gorgeous watercolor style cake
In case you were wondering!

The gorgeous cake we have been showing as part of our @wckitchen fundraising posts was part of the final product for a stunning birthday party in Tribeca. We took elements from the illustrious invite that was sent out for Shai’s birthday, and created the edible watercolor art you see here. ⁣

@chefbennyrivera has taught classes demonstrating his painting techniques all over the world - and we are designing a few drop in workshops that will be available soon. Not only will you learn the coolest painting techniques, but you will get to take a scrumptious little cake with your art home. ⁣⁣ ⁣

About the company City Cakes:

More than just cake!
City Cakes is a high end cake shop that takes inspiration from NYC's diverse melting pot and uses it to create gorgeous works of edible art, both stunning and delicious. City Cakes is also known to make some of the world's best cookies, their signature line weighing in at a half pound each. Gourmet cupcakes and half pound cookies are baked fresh each and every day.
Our new HQ is located at 155 West 18th Street in Manhattan, between 6th and 7th Avenues in the Chelsea neighborhood and a few blocks west of the famous Highline Park.
We are now open Monday thru Sunday from 10:30am-6/8pm. Currently we offer no retail seating, however, you are more than welcome to grab an amazing coffee, NICE SLICE, cake, pies and more and eat at our outside tables.

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