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Cookie Pops Bouquet

Cookie Pops Bouquet

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About the product — Cookie Pops Bouquet
Vanilla Shortbread. This cake is made only from natural ingredients!

About the company My Baking Creations:

Hello, my name is Yana. I am the owner and operator of My Baking Creation Company. I am an enthusiast and creator of all things sweet - cakes, cookies, cake pops, and any other goodies that push my creative limits!!!
As a little girl, my love for baking came from my family. I inherited my passion from my grandma who inspired me and taught me the basic skills of baking and cooking from a young age. Later in life, I honed my skills by becoming a self-taught baker, moving from simple sweets to decorated artworks of cakes, cookies and cake pops. My cakes are completely edible through the use of my ever-expanding abilities such as fondant models, gum paste flowers, modeling chocolate and cake toppers.
My creations themselves are a perfect balance between sweet and sour. All of the layers of cake and filling are carefully selected in order for the ingredients and the flavors to complement each other. Whether you are looking for a centerpiece for an event or simply the final touch for your party, I’m certain we will find the perfect cake for the occasion!

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