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Winter wedding

Winter wedding

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City for the shopping: Bristol
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30 usd per kilo
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+44 7717 572647 Make the Order in Instagram
About the product — Winter wedding
A delicious cake for newlyweds having a winter wedding!

About the company Cakes from the Soul:

We are a family-owned business located just outside of the center of Bristol. My first memories of cakes were when I was a child. I remember going to my grandads and smelling their delicious rock cakes and my mom's incredible chocolate cake. Since then, I have always been fascinated by cakes in some way.
I was lucky to have my Nan and Mum who made my birthday cakes. They were both very talented.
My name is Chris, and I'd like to introduce you to my family. Naomi, my wife, and I have two children. They are our little bakers-in-training.
My wife is a Qualified Nursery Nurse and I am a Qualified Engineer. Although I have moved away from engineering, I still use the skills I gained in baking and designing cakes. I also run our family business.
We enjoy making memories that will last a lifetime together, with our amazing birthday cakes and our beautiful wedding cakes.
Every cake we make is a labor of love. We use only the best ingredients and never freeze them.

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