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Sepia Style Wedding cake composition

Sepia Style Wedding cake composition

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City for the shopping: Bristol
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40 usd per kilo
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About the product — Sepia Style Wedding cake composition
After being asked to make vegan cakes for a friend getting married, the owners of Little Gem Cake Company developed a range of delicious and beautiful vegan wedding cakes, towers of individual cupcakes and rustic desserts tables. If you’re getting married and want your wedding cakes made with a unique and personal touch, contact them for a cake consultation.

About the company Little Gem’s Cakes:

My mum was the one who instilled my passion for baking when I was young. My mum would find time in between work and children for amazing desserts, cakes, and puddings. She also made birthday cakes in the shape of our favorite toys, which left us amazed when we were children.
This passion was passed to me by my mother. It is so satisfying to see someone's delight when they see their custom-made birthday cake or hear from wedding couples about how their cake made their day complete. When I explain that my cakes are dairy and egg-free, it's a surprise to see the disbelief on their faces. It is so wonderful to hear the words "I didn't know it was vegan!"
My passion is to experiment with new recipes. All my recipes have been tested and approved multiple times. See what others have to say about on our reviews page .
I'm a vegan specialist baker, and am passionate about vegan baking. Little Gem's can help you whether your reasons for veganism are to reduce environmental impact, adopt cruelty-free living, or to satisfy dietary requirements. Great tasting cakes are a must!

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