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Graduation Birthday Cake

Graduation Birthday Cake

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45 usd per kilo
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About the product — Graduation Birthday Cake
There are many reasons to celebrate Graduation in this year's world. Make sure to order your cake early so it is ready for your big day. Choose your favorite sponge flavor and get ready for a sensory overload. Layers of sponge sandwiched between buttercream and hand-decorated. Do not delay in placing your order at this busy time of the year.

About the company Bibi's Bakery:

 We are a family-owned business with a talented team. All of our products are made on-site and we deliver all over the capital every day. We have at most three bakers available on-site each day, eager to talk to customers about their upcoming celebration plans. Send us an email or give us a phone call. You can also purchase off-the-shelf options. You can find our award-winning cupcakes, brownies and macarons as well as daily specials. We use seasonal ingredients as much as possible and strive to provide a high-quality, visually stunning, delicious cake every time.
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