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Ice Queen Birthday Cake

Ice Queen Birthday Cake

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55 usd per kilo
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About the product — Ice Queen Birthday Cake
 My daughter's love of Elsa, the ultimate ice queen, inspired me to create this ice cream cake. Our ice blue layered buttercream cakes have been inspired by Elsa (the ultimate ice queen) and include as a cake top. This could make the perfect personalized cake for your little one. 

About the company Cakes by Andrew:

Cakes by Andrew, a Garston-based family business, specializes in creating delicious custom cakes for any event.
Andrew, a former chef and Polly were the founders of Andrew's Baking Company. Their vision was to enter the baking industry by combining their passion for art with innovative cake designs.
Cakes by Andrew relocated to St. Mary's Road in 2017 two years later. It's now one of Liverpool's busiest cakes shops, with customers hailing from all over the North West.

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