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Carrot Birthday Cake

Carrot Birthday Cake

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30 usd per kilo
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About the product — Carrot Birthday Cake
Our carrot cake is baked with plump rum soaked raisins, desiccated coconut and zesty orange for a deliciously flavourful cake. Layered with 4 layers of carrot sponge and 3 layers of vanilla cream cheese.
Decorated with a halo of caramelised walnuts, pistachios, orange jelly, dried cornflowers and chocolate shards.

About the company ANNA Cake Couture:

ANNA Clifton is open from 10-6pm every day. They offer take-out for all products that you can find online. We offer quick access to the best cakes of Bristol, and often have ready-made cakes for special occasions in case you need them. It smells amazing, so make sure to come by...

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