Eves Pantry

Eves Pantry
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399 Manukau Road
Phone: 09 630 0379
309 Botany Road
Phone: 09 271 5511
3 Taharoto Road
Phone: 09 486 0676

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Bakery Eves Pantry

The people at Eves Pantry are passionate and professional bakers, which is exactly what they love to do. Pastry chefs put everything they have into creating your favorite baked goods and go the extra mile for cakes and desserts for special occasions. They've been doing it for over 60 years.

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Contacts to order:
09 630 0379
Price 30 usd per kilo
City for the shopping: Auckland


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2022-05-31 19:20:18 UTC
I ordered a cake for my grandson's birthday (raspberry souffle). I discussed the details with the manager, they called me back the day before, delivery on time, high-quality packaging, polite courier! The cake is very pretty. Eleven boys looked at the cake with admiration for 15 minutes, and then with delight they 'ground' the cake for 5 minutes! and praised for a long time. A huge THANK YOU to the whole team. More customers and creative ideas for you!

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