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Cake & Co
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2/175 Ponsonby Road, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011.
Phone: 09 376 3479.

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Bakery Cake & Co

Delicious, beautiful cakes that are a little bit good for you!

Cake & Co. specialises in visually attractive delicious babycakes, celebration cakes and sweey treats that are suitable for various diets incl gluten free, vegan and low sugar. Cake & Co. also provides cakes for special events such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, hen parties and baby showers and offer decorating lessons in our cute shop or in your home/office.
Complimenting our cakes, we will be serving delicious coffee from the passionate folk at Red Rabbit Coffee.

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Contacts to order:
09 376 3479
Price 30 usd per kilo
City for the shopping: Auckland


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2022-05-31 08:33:13 UTC
Incredibly delicious cakes. It was difficult to decide which cake to choose and I was given the opportunity to taste all the flavors) It turned out to be even more difficult to make a choice, since you could say 'wrap everything' :) But my love for coffee and chocolate liqueurs won. Baileys and coffee flavored cake is incredible. I highly recommend this bakery. Now all my holidays are only with them!'

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