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Honey Cakes
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 Christchurch, New Zealand

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Bakery Honey Cakes

Welcome to Honey Cakes! The owner of which is Inna, who can bake a cake for any occasion, just contact the pastry shop and the masters will come up with something special for you!

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Contacts to order:
 (021) 082 07620
Price 30 usd per kilo
City for the shopping: Christchurch


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Reviews about the company

Sineca R
2022-07-28 04:41:49 UTC
We ordered pies and a cake for a children's party, my daughter is delighted!!!! The most beautiful cake with her favorite lol surprises! Excellent service, timely delivery, just perfect! Thank you very much!
2022-07-28 04:40:54 UTC
The most excellent service! Especially if you need to make a holiday and at the same time get not only a beautiful but also a quality product!
2022-07-28 04:40:13 UTC
The cake is outwardly classy, ​​but everything that is outwardly impossible to eat, a very thick layer of mastic. It turns out from 2 kg of cake 1.3 kg can be thrown away. Pay attention to this, other companies do not have this significant drawback. And the service is great!
2022-07-28 04:39:36 UTC
Thank you very much for the timely delivery of the order. Quickly made a cake, photographed for the report. I ordered two kg. Oooo delicious and lots of it! Ate for three days! Prosperity to you!

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