City Cake Company

City Cake Company
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City Cake Company.
426 Mt Eden Road.
Mt Eden Village, Auckland.
Call us: +64 (0)9 638-6499
Or email us:

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Bakery City Cake Company

Stylish online cake and dessert shop City Cake Company is located in Auckland.
This bakery's cakes are free of preservatives, palm oil, premixes and artificial products.
Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Auckland.
At City Cake Company, designers, decorators and bakers will do their best to make your dessert, birthday, birthday or wedding cake a wonderful event for you. The cakes are baked daily and in small batches, using only the finest New Zealand produce.

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Contacts to order:
+64 (0)9 638-6499
Price 30 usd per kilo
City for the shopping: Auckland


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Reviews about the company

2022-05-31 18:56:15 UTC
I want to express my gratitude! I ordered the 'Berry Paradise' cake. The cake turned out to be really very tasty, the berries and fruits were fresh, and the biscuit was tender. Special thanks for the delivery - very accurate!
2022-05-31 18:55:40 UTC
We ordered a cake, with delivery the next day ... We are far from the city, so the order was made blindly, and, of course, we were worried. But they were very pleasantly surprised when they received a photo report of the birthday girl, they were incredibly happy and grateful to all the employees of the confectionery! The cake favorably differed from the photo on the site, it was the most tender and delicious... The delivery was also on top, everything was as promised to us!! Prosperity to you and many new customers!
2022-05-31 18:57:07 UTC
We ordered a cake for September 4th for my daughter. Delivered on time. What a delicious, light and beautiful cake! The skins are well soaked. I ordered caramel-banana stuffing. Everyone was happy!!! Thanks a lot! We will be ordering more!
2022-05-31 18:58:39 UTC
I ordered a birthday cake from the bakery. Delivered on time. Preliminary still agreeing on all the details. The cake is very beautiful and delicious. The service is excellent - I recommend. A very kind young man at the reception at their main point on p. Dmitrovskaya. Success and prosperity of your bakery :) thanks

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