The Naked Baker

The Naked Baker
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Visit us in-store
142 Beach Road,
North New Brighton,
Christchurch 8083
Open everyday (except public holidays & Christmas)
From 5.30am until 5pm
Office hours:   8am-4.30pm
Delivery hours:   8am-4.30pm

Bakery The Naked Baker

Darren Carlow, a baker by trade for the past 20 years, opened a small bakery in North Beach, Christchurch in 2002. During the year, the business grew and developed so quickly that Andrew joined the team as a business partner to help keep up. demand and pressure of a successful business.
The bakery produces fresh bread, cakes, gourmet pastries and pies that are baked on site.

At Naked Baker, everything is done the old fashioned way to ensure a personal touch, using only the finest ingredients to ensure only the best flavors!

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Contacts to order:
Price 30 usd per kilo
City for the shopping: Christchurch

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Last reviews about the company products The Naked Baker

2022-07-26 20:08:44 UTC
Very tasty cake. I've ordered several times and it's always delicious and fresh.
2022-07-26 20:09:58 UTC
Despite its simplicity, the cake is very successful in taste and with a good filler.
2022-07-26 20:13:06 UTC
I love cherries and this cake is exactly what I need. I often order it for myself for important events, or just for mood.
Bloombury L
2022-07-26 20:11:15 UTC
Ordered a birthday cake for my son. The mood was great and all the guests were happy.

Reviews about the company

2022-07-26 20:15:52 UTC
I ordered a Polyanka cake for my mother's birthday. I was very pleased with the timely delivery - they brought it just in time for the appointed time, a friendly girl. The cake turned out bright, beautiful - my mother was delighted. Thanks a lot!

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