Best Birthday cakes for husband Christchurch, New Zealand

Personalised Birthday Cakes Design for husband — Find Cakes Makers in the following cities :
1 Honey Cakes
Honey Cakes
Established in: 2012
Cities: Christchurch
Price: 30 usd per kilo
Reviews: 4
Reviews: 4 Make the Order
Welcome to Honey Cakes! The owner of which is Inna, who can bake a cake for any occasion, just contact the pastry shop and the masters will come up with something special for you!
2 The Naked Baker
The Naked Baker
Established in: 2005
Cities: Christchurch
Price: 30 usd per kilo
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 1 Make the Order
Darren Carlow, a baker by trade for the past 20 years, opened a small bakery in North Beach, Christchurch in 2002. During the year, the business grew and developed so quickly that Andrew joined the team as a business partner to help keep up. demand and pressure of a successful business.
The bakery produces fresh bread, cakes, gourmet pastries and pies that are baked on site.

At Naked Baker, everything is done the old fashioned way to ensure a personal touch, using only the finest ingredients to ensure only the best flavors!

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