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IvoTon Cakes
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Bakery IvoTon Cakes

IvoTon Cakes was created by Mr. Cake Ivo and Tony who started to create their own custom designed cakes with their own story. The creators went through a mandatory academic path to receive the appropriate diplomas in order to move towards building a future reputation in a number of countries, as well as on the island of love-Cyprus.

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Contacts to order:
+357 96 79 85 25
Price 50 usd per kilo
City for the shopping: Paphos


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Reviews about the company

2023-01-02 19:22:45 UTC
Thank you so much for 2 very tasty and very beautiful cakes! The first was in the form of a head of cheese with mice - very original, and the second - a cake-Sun :) All guests, adults and children, were very pleased at both holidays, and one sugar mouse even went to the 'mouse collection' :)
2023-01-02 19:23:27 UTC
Thanks a lot for the cake! It is very beautiful, festive and incredibly tasty! Everyone, kids and adults alike, loved it! Thanks!!!!

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